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My beautiful sister, and Mom's first-born, Heidi (right). Our mom, Jules, painted the quail and my mother-in-law, Michèle-France, gave me the owl (next to the rosary and the purse). Voilà... just another family photo. Do you sniff homesickness? 127 Things to do in Paris! Thanks for continuing to share your excellent tips on where to go and... Read more →

When Paris looks a little like Provence. Note the subtle details: the outside-the-window cloth blinds, the "pigeon discourager" (can you see those sharp little pins on the window ledge?) the peek inside the stylish interior... TODAY'S WORD mal barré (mal-baray) DEFINITON up the creek, in big trouble, screwed AUDIO FILE: listen to Jean-Marc read the French words... Read more →

Le vélo = popular transportation when in Paris. Bonjour! We are working on another city guide and when I say "we" I mean you and me! If you have been to Paris recently please help us out by sharing: hotel or apartment or B&B suggestions restaurants, cafés, bistros nightclubs, theaters, shows unique shops, bookstores... kids or teens... Read more →

That's Mama Braise and she's got two wildflowers just for you. Do you know what kind they are? Reaching my ankle, they are low to the ground (unlike poppies, which would have been my guess... ) Click here to classify this fleur sauvage in the comments box. un méli-mélo (may-lee-may-loh) : a collection of miscellany; mishmash, hodgepodge... Read more →

My mother-in-law's French is so colorful and I love to listen to her stories -- no matter how many times she repeats herself! Jean-Marc's mom, Michèle-France, has a great sense of humor and does not take herself too seriously, either. She is a real moulin-à -paroles, or chatterbox, but when my ears go numb I can always... Read more →

One of the "séquelles" that remain after the two-dog attack on Smokey (years ago!) is that hanging tongue. Read about another, in today's story. Has a friend forwarded you this edition? Click here to have French Word-A-Day delivered directly to your inbox. UNIQUE WOMEN'S OPPORTUNITY: Paris, Giverny & Chartres. June 3 - 9, 2013. Join us! une... Read more →

Ride on! I mean, write on... difficulties, barriers, discouragement, and all. More, in today's story column, below. (Picture of our daughter, Jackie) Note, the following edition is best viewed here, online! Provence Villa Rental Luberon luxury home; 4 bedrooms, 5 baths; gourmet kitchen, covered terrace & pool. Views of Roussillon. Click here une embûche (ahm-bewsh) : pitfall,... Read more →

Photo of the vineyard where we spent 5 lively years! Thanks to your helpful notes, I will be writing the first draft of the memoir in private. Read on... le piège (pee-ezh) : trap, snare, pitfall, booby-trap Audio: Listen to the following words & example sentence: DownloadMP3 or Wav How to properly pronounce French words? Read this... Read more →

"The evidence". Thank you for the generous support you sent in, following the previous post, "So Much for Anonymity! In the ten years since this blog began, I've wanted to share the very personal story but never trusted myself enough to do it. Wednesday, I took the leap. Your comments give me the courage to continue. If... Read more →