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Has a friend forwarded you this French word journal? Sign yourself up for the free newsletter and never miss a word or photo. Photo of front porch, where Mom and I will soon have coffee. The wind blew off the makeshift curtain (an attempt to shade the area at lunchtime...) Villa Royale apartment in Monaco. Large studio... Read more →

Hello faithful readers--and a warm bonjour to those who have recently signed up to this free word journal. This blog usually goes out three times a week, but we are on a new schedule since the arrival of my mom. For the past three weeks Mom and I have been digging in the garden, enjoying walks by... Read more →

I'm having the time of my life with my wonderful mom! I love this innocent, serendipitous photo with Mom and her little fish purse. The sign says: "You are at the right place. Look no further." Vous êtes au bon endroit. Ne cherchez plus. peuchère (peuh-sher) : poor dear, poor thing Peuchère is a Provençal expression of... Read more →

a couple of perruches, or parakeets, camped out in Sanary sur Mer Today's word is yet another example of how I learn English from the French... bivouaquer (bee-vwack-ay) : to bivouac un bivouac = an improvised camp site. An individual sleeping shelter under the stars (or more often rain clouds) made out of natural materials or very... Read more →

Earlier this week, on Facebook, I posted Snoopy's message (even if I didn't believe a word of it): Chaque fois que tu trouves de l'humour dans une situation difficile, tu gagnes. une broutille (broo-tee) a trifle, a small matter, a little thing, nothing Audio File: Listen to Max Download MP3 or Wav file Ils se sont disputés... Read more →

Larkspur? These are not lavender... and they're not the lily of the valley (a big subject today in France). Read on... retour du bonheur (reuh-toor-doo-buh-neur) : return of happiness Audio File: listen to the following words: Download MP3 or Wav file D'après le langage des fleurs, le muguet signifie "retour du bonheur". According to the language of... Read more →