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Happy Art (or L'art joyeux). The other day I was snapping a picture of this lively fishing boat, or pointu, when a passerby sniffed Quelle horreur! ("How tacky (that boat is)!" I was struck by the comment until I rememembered we don't all see things the same way or, as we say back home, Different strokes for... Read more →

When nature frames a lovely scene.... Photo taken in Cassis. Dear Readers, French Word-A-Day is free thanks to sponsors and readers like you! Whether you have read my language journal since October 2002--or whether you have just signed on--I thank you du fond du coeur for supporting this educational enterprise! More than learning a new French word... Read more →

Aha! I hope this blog title got you to click open your email (for those of you who receive the posts directly in your inbox :-) Read on for the whole scoop. Photo of shop window and heart graffiti taken in Alsace. se remettre ensemble (seuh-reuh-metreuh-ahn-sahmble) : to get back together after a break up A Day... Read more →

In addition to the visitors we invite (read about these guys, above), we had some unwelcome guests recently. A story about a prowler, or un rôdeur de nuit, in today's column. faisceau de lumière (fay-so-deuh-loo-myer) : light beam Example sentence (and handy retort!): Still smarting from a recent disagreement? Why not forward the following quote (mwah ha... Read more →

Gone fishing! I'll see you in a week, when the next post goes out. Meantime, keep up your French vocabulary by visiting the French word archives. Thanks for reading and for sharing our language journal with friends and family. See you soon--with more photos and stories from a French life! Bisous, Kristin la frénésie de ménage (fray-nay-zee... Read more →

A fish shop in Brignoles. la soupe de poissons (sewp-deuh-pwa-sohn) : fish soup Jean-Marc has been catching lots of little fish these days. Last time it was une rascasse! Apart from being unappetizing to look at, they are too small to eat. "Faites la soupe de poissons!" Make fish soup! our friends tell us. Recipe, in today's... Read more →

Socks on stage, taking a bow in front of the curtains. I have always been a sucker for whimsy. I love French architecture and adore the building blocks of language... manger ses mots (mahn-zhay-say-moh) : to speak inarticulately, to mumble Aha! and you thought manger ses mots (to eat one's words) meant to admit you were wrong.... Read more →