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An artist's residence in the seaside town of Bandol. Un mois sabbatique. Some talk of a sabbatical year, but one month may just be enough to recharge these batteries after 11 years of online journaling. In November, I'll follow a gentle rule: no emails, no blogging. Thanks for helping me stick to it.... If you have sent... Read more →

Stripey awnings, ardoises, or chalkboards, curly handwriting, mysterious woman.... What's so French about this? Photo taken in Lorgues, France, where today's story begins.... Mas la Monaque - Rent this beautifully restored 17-century farmhouse. Click here for more pictures. le bidou (bee-doo) : tummy, stomach Le bidou is slang and is also used in kid speak. (It is... Read more →

Not a new dress. But will this one pass? Mom says it could work (minus the belt. You need a silver belt.) She also suggested some new shoes--and why not buy a few new dresses, too? Read on.... Exclusive French made clothes now available to purchase on-line. Thomas Hulston Collections. le syndrome du remords de l'acheteur :... Read more →

Jouer à cache-cache means to play hide-n-seek. This was a favorite game of Smokey's when he was one-years-old (pictured), though his hiding places were a bit obvious.... Now, at 4, he likes the classics: a good ol' game of catch is fine by him. doux (do) : mild, temperate; sweet, pleasant; soft; lenient Doux also refers to... Read more →

Beneath the façade, you can see what this 19th century mas is made of. When the demolition workers opened the stone wall sand came trickling out, like fallen seconds in an hourglass. Rubbing la terre sableuse between our hands, Jean-Marc and I marveled at the building materials of yesteryear. le linteau (lun-tow) : lintel, girder plural: linteaux... Read more →

Ever been to the castle in Cassis? It overlooks the colorful fishing port and gives tourists one more reason to look up. Other things to look to: The upcoming AMA Seine Normandy River Cruise! Join Jean-Marc and me in Paris on November 8th. For more information, click here. l'influx nerveux (uhn-floo-ner-veuh) : nerve or nervous impulse France... Read more →

Thoughts about give and take, and our dogs latest adventure. Photo taken when Smokey was one. Rental in Provence Luberon. 4 bedrooms and a study with a sofa bed, each with ensuite (full) bath. This villa can comfortably sleep 7-9 adults. Inquire here disjoncter (dee-zhohn-ktay) : to crack up, to lose it, to come undone A Day... Read more →

Lost sheep are just one of the things I've found lately (this was a cover I did for a book, whose title was changed to Wish, Prune, Pray: Spirited away to a Wine Farm in Provence. I eventually printed the book, but lost the sheep photo. Then I quit printing the book and found the sheep photo.... Read more →

Best to be prepared! Good, Braise, one can never be too prévoyant... for holidays--or for the weather! Read on... (photo taken in Ste. Cécile-les-Vignes. We moved away from the vineyard one year ago. alerte météo (a-lairt-may-tay-oh) : weather warning Example Sentence: (Audio files will return, we're a little sunk at the moment...) Une alerte météo, ou une... Read more →

Miam-miam is French for yum. Recently, Jean-Marc bought some used wine-making equipment. The farmer's wife who sold it to him threw in a couple of antique wine-presses, some old wine barrels, and even a bucket of pomegranates! (Have you ever eaten one? Inside, there's a bunch of ruby red fruit, the size of a tooth. The French... Read more →