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A new year is right around the corner. In case we don't talk before then, please have a seat in this special chair and take a moment to think about what will make you smile in 2014. May you figure out what it is that brings you contentment--and then spread that peace and happiness among friends and... Read more →

Stripped of decorum, this old shed still offers shelter against the biting wind. Have you ever heard an old word as if for the first time? Your ears ring and you are seized by meaning--when a humble old mot causes a lump in your throat. mangeoire (mahn-zhwar) noun, feminine 1. trough, manger (animals) ; feeding dish (birds)... Read more →

I have a little gift for you today. The gift of language. Today's word of the day--make that "words" of the day, for there are many here--is in the story below. You'll also learn about this photo--snapped December 19th in the town of Bandol. France and Monaco Rentals: short-term holiday rental properties throughout France. Click here for... Read more →

Holiday progress report: I haven't begun to look for the santons (pictured last year)--and the box of ornaments is still waiting to be unpacked. Doubtful things will come together this season, but I do know where to find the recipe for this cake! Meantime, a story for you today about writing... and how to tell all those... Read more →

Parasol pines and the sunset over the Mediterranean. Has a friend forwarded you this French word journal? Click here to receive your own free subscription. coucher du soleil (kew-shay-dew-sow-lay) : sunset Audio file: listen to Jean-Marc Download MP3 or Wav file Ce soir à Bandol, le coucher du soleil est à 16h56. Tonight in Bandol, the sunset... Read more →

Un vrai bonnard. Don't miss this inspiring story about a winemaker's comeback following a devastating storm. Pictured: Raimond de Villeneuve. Photo montage from Google images. la grêle (grel) : hail Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav file Un orage de grêle détruit en deux minutes deux années de récolte de raisins. A hail storm... Read more →

The golden light to the left is the sunset hitting the coastal fence. The golden light to the right is Smokey, enjoying our late afternoon walk. Has a friend forwarded you this post? Receive your own free subscription to French Word-A-Day. Click here. une visite de contrôle : an inspection, check-up, follow-up visit Audio File: listen to... Read more →

We weathered the storm in Phoenix. More, in today's letter. (Pictured, my niece "Ray-Ray".) remonter le moral : to lift one's spirits, to cheer somebody up Audio File: listen to the following words: Download MP3 or Wav file A Phoenix, je suis allée rendre visite à ma soeur pour lui remonter le moral. I went to Phoenix... Read more →

Thank you for the generous "welcome back" following Wednesday's post. I am touched to the core--or coeur--by your encouraging words and warm reception! These flowers are for you, en vous remerciant! Picture taken in Ile Saint Louis, Paris. France and Monaco Rentals: short-term holiday rental properties throughout France. Click here for pictures. le miaulement : miaowing (or... Read more →

Last month's sabbatical began in Paris... More in today's letter. Exclusive French made clothes now available to purchase on-line. Thomas Hulston Collections. We will be back to the regular format of French Word-A-Day soon. Meantime, there's a letter waiting for you, just below, and a few ways to say 'hello.' You know the word for "hi" in... Read more →