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Ambition is the downfall of man. (L'Ambition est la perte de l'homme). A message on a lazy sundial in Serre Chevalier. un forfait (for-fay) : flat rate, package deal, un forfait week-end = weekend package (price) un forfait mensuel = monthly subscription un forfait boisson = drinks included un forfait de ski = ski pass Audio File... Read more →

When Jean-Marc came to Phoenix to woo me we exchanged gifts. For me, a Provençale skirt 3 sizes too small. (Does my face look as pinched as my waist? At least he looks relaxed.) Twenty-four years later and we still miss the mark--but so far we keep trying to understand each other. (Photo from the forthcoming book... Read more →

An unexpected twist on our romantic Valentine's getaway... to Malta. Read on in today's story column. c’est le monde à l’envers : the world's gone crazy (or: it's an upside-down world) Audio File: click the following links to hear today's word and definition Download MP3 or Wav L'expression "c'est le monde à l'envers" c'est quand les choses... Read more →

How to say VROOOM! in French? If the topic today were onomatopoeia, then we'd surely have that one nailed by the end of this post. But there are two other pressing matters to figure out today: 1) How to say "Be my Valentine" in French? and 2) Who, in the States or in England, can host my... Read more →

In the café littéraire meet-ups of yesteryear, old establishments like this may have welcomed book lovers. un café littéraire : Download MP3 or Wav Un café littéraire est un lieu de réunion où l'on parle de littérature, échange des idées, écoute des extraits de livres lus par des comédiens, assiste à des spectacles érudits tout en dégustant... Read more →

Authors and journalists Patricia Wells and Ann Mah are as down-to-earth as dandelions--something these culinary divas could appreciate--sauteed with lardons fumés (and a glass of Mas des Brun rosé bien sûr!) la bibliothèque (bih-blee-oh-tek) : library Confession: I still mix up the terms bibliothèque and librairie, but une librairie--no matter how misleading name--is still a book store... Read more →

Our former vineyard is now a B&B. Would you like a room with a view? Read on! chambre d'hôte (shahmbrh-dote) : B&B Audio File - (includes an extra term for you: "à titre onéreux"). Listen to the following sentence: Download MP3 or Wav file Les chambres d'hôtes sont des chambres meublées situées chez l'habitant en vue d'accueillir... Read more →