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They don't say chick magnet in French. Here, it's aspirateur de gonzesses (literally, that's "vacuume cleaner of broads") un aimant (ay-mahn) : magnet Example Sentence Les aimants décoratifs servent à maintenir les messages sur la porte du frigo. Decorative magnets are useful for holding messages on the fridge door. France and Monaco Rentals: short-term holiday rental properties... Read more →

"With my husband's blessing, I quit my job and turned my attention to writing, learning to spell and punctuate along the way." --from the chapter "Valorisant." (Thanks, Patrick & Sandra, for the photo!) Good news: C'est prêt! It's ready: the e-book version of First French Essais is live! For a limited time, get the e-book at this... Read more →

Late, late... with the kitchen update! May this snapshot hold you over. Don't mind the compost, and ignore the wires coming out of the wall. And those bottled plants (euphorbia, but which kind?) are a failed attempt to screen the electrical "juttings." bichonner (bee-show-nay) : to pamper se bichonner = to pamper oneself, to doll up Example... Read more →

Thank you, Eileen DeCamp, for your photo vignette of Jean-Marc's wine & my First French Essais! Eileen titled her picture, "Two of my favorite things!!!" With any chance, Eileen's photo, taken on Seabrook Island, SC, will work better than my publicity stunt, filmed here near Bandol! le flic (fleek) cop Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's... Read more →

You don't have to drink wine to benefit from today's incredible tip! (I use the opened bottles for ice tea.) Don't miss today's lively, one minute demonstration on how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. Style & comfort in the beauty of the Provencal countryside. 4 bedrooms & a study with a sofa bed,... Read more →

Do my thighs look big? Some would be surprised French women ask themselves this question. But three months till summertime and, truth is, the French--men, women, and even children--are already dieting! They're talking about it at the picnic table, in the school yard, and in programs on T.V. The other day I overhead the term "culotte de... Read more →

Exciting book update at the end of this post! First, take note: Cousin Audrey, from Banneret, and Caroline, from Rouge-Bleu, will be pouring their wines in Portland at Pastaworks (Hawthorne, Saturday 03/15 from 3-5 PM & City Market, Sunday 03/16 from 3-5.PM) Don't miss this! sans façon(s) (sahn fah-sahn) : no, thank you : unceremoniously A guest... Read more →

Ça y est... It's book launch day! First French Essais is now available here, on Amazon. A Very Special Day in a French Life... The morning sun is warming the countryside and still I'm trembling like a leaf--trying to write this crucial book launch page without a PR team, without a marketing director, without Mom. Like the... Read more →

It's time to meet up at my place--or very near it! Since leaving Domaine Rouge-Bleu, where we welcomed visitors weekly, I have not organized a cozy get-together. How about an April rendez-vous? More details in the story column below... First, the expression of the day: Manger la soupe sur la tête de quelqu’un : to be taller... Read more →

Kale blossoms! So many surprises outside. Last night my ears were tickled by the call of les grenouilles, or frogs. And then there were those poppies I told you about.... Springtime is here! Forgive me for not posting a word or a sound file today--but there will be vocabulary sprinkled throughout this post--like seeds scattered in the... Read more →