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A car is une voiture in French. But the word "bagnole" has so much more character--and this 2CV, especially. Speaking of character, read about it in today's story! la bagnole (ban-yol) : car; ride, set of wheels France and Monaco Rentals: short-term holiday rental properties throughout France. Click here for pictures. A Day in a FRENCH Life...... Read more →

Early this morning, three enormous sangliers crossed the field beside the potager. Jean-Marc and I scrambled to the window, eyes glued to the massive boars (not pictured) that had come out of the forêt. As we stood gazing, a loud snapping broke the silence. It was Smokey, on the terrace below us--bolting toward the trespassers! Tout est... Read more →

No time to go into details about this week's blog hijacking. Just happy to be back on line! Hats off to my blog provider, Typepad, and their indefatigable SWAT team! (photo of airplanes taken yesterday, from the garden) Join Jean-Marc and Kristi for the April 28th wine-tasting in St. Cyr-sur-Mer. 10 euros. Email jm.espinasse AT ongle... Read more →

In springtime humans can be found before the mirror, trying on the contents of their warm-weathered wardrobe. Dogs are not immune to this desperate behavior. They just do it with a bit more panache. Smokey, the trilby looks great on you. So it's three seasons old. Fashion is a state of mind! Join Jean-Marc and Kristi for... Read more →

Hey, IRS. I've got my purse out (little red-rimmed bowl to the right) and I'm fixin'--yet again!--to hit on the sailors here at the port. Read on and see what the Internal Revenue Service seems to think I'm up to! (Note: today's edition is best viewed online, where all images will appear with the story text. Click... Read more →

Scene from Adrian Leeds' Après-Midi meet-up. (Mom, can you find me in the crowd? :-) Check out Adrian's Parler Paris & sign up for more Paris news! Next meetup (with Kristi) is April 28th, in St. Cyr Les Lecques. Check back next week for more info! grandir (grahn-deer) : to grow up Audio File: Listen to my... Read more →

La dèche (pronounced "desh") means broke or down-and-out... only it's clearly la vie en rose for this shop dog, which lives in La Ciotat. Exclusive French made clothes now available to purchase on-line. Thomas Hulston Collections. A quick story for you today. By the time you read this I'll be in the train on my way to... Read more →

Next post goes out Thursday. "See you" then (or see you in Paris, on Tuesday afternoon!) la bave (bav) : drool, slobber, spit; slime Sound File: listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav file La bave du crapaud n'atteint pas la blanche colombe. The spit of the toad doesn't reach the white dove. (Sticks and stones may... Read more →

A stroll through Marseilles, some cheesy characters, a faulty ego and a sack of steel? De quoi faire une histoire amusante. All you need for an entertaining story! flâner (flah-nay) : (to walk) to stroll, wander : (to do nothing) to laze, idle, lounge about These flâner definitions are as charming as the word itself: to amble,... Read more →