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With this flower, called Love in a Mist, we shower the Glen family with our support. May today's words speak for all of us here--all who have followed Tanya's story of the search for her Mom. Missing for five days, Mary Glen was found Wednesday night, having passed away. le souvenir de temps heureux : the memory... Read more →

A reader's Mom has gone missing. With your attention we may be able to help Tanya and her family reunite with their loved one, Mary Glen. Photo taken yesterday, after the sunflower harvest. The drying seeds, little messengers of hope, will soon be on their way to the Phoenix desert. Three French words and their meanings, just... Read more →

Sunflowers--and come see the exotic pink bird in our garden... at the next wine tasting here at Mas des Brun, August 6th. We hope to see you! Contact for details. le flamant rose (flamahn rowz) : pink flamingo Audio File: listen to today's word and example sentence, read by Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wave file Flamant... Read more →

Four weeks flew by since Jackie received this warm welcome from her cousins on arriving in Denver. I picked up my daughter at the Nice airport on Sunday, only she wasn't smiling anymore and neither was I. Read on. manque de chance (mahnk-deuh-shahnse) : bad luck, ill luck Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc Download MP3 or Wave... Read more →

Learn even more French via our instagram page, where new photos will include le français! voler de ses propres ailes (vo-lay deuh say pro-prz zaylz) : to fly with one's own wings (to stand on one's own two feet) Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc (cicadas chattering in the background): Download MP3 or Wav file Souvenez-vous quand vous... Read more →

"God is love," I would say. "Dog is love," Bill would suggest. Today, read about my invisible editor, who passed away suddenly. We didn't always agree, but otherwise got along grammar-warily. Photo of my dog Smokey and his mama, Brez. hommage (m) : tribute présenter ses hommages = to pay one's respects en hommage de reconnaissance =... Read more →

I made a lovely acquaintance. Don't miss her in today's story. Picture taken in Morocco, where my mother-in-law once lived and where we celebrated her 70th (in 2011). la conscience multiculturelle : cross-cultural awareness Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav Comment développer la conscience multiculturelle et le respect des autres régions du monde? How... Read more →

Photo (by Pascale Gauthier) of our wedding anniversary dinner, here at home. AVOIR LES CROCS : to have the munchies (a sudden desire to snack) A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse The following story was written in 2014... On Friday night 45 of our closest friends came over for a sit-down dinner to celebrate... Read more →

The sunflower to the prickly pear blossom: "Mousse or Gel?" Prickly Pear (smacking her gum): "Aqua Net, Sweetie--and a perm every three months!" la laque (lah lak) hairspray une bombe de laque = a can of hairspray Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc read the following example sentence: Download MP3 or Wav La laque est le produit-phare de... Read more →

My smartphone offers these automatic edits. I know they exaggerate the truth, so I'm letting you know that the fruit you are looking at is un chouiard, or "a smig" lighter in reality. As for the taste, I'm not lying when I say these orange berries will make your face pucker faster than French lips! Exclusive French... Read more →