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With all the time I have on my hands since letting my emails go unanswered, you may wonder what I'm up to? Netting figs! And on a less glamorous note, I am caring more for my home and family (this last one is a "sentimental" note). Read on. courriel (kohr-ee-el) : email courriel = le courrier électronique... Read more →

How to get to the heart of a matter? Begin randomly. Keep going till you've peeled back all the layers. Pseudo demonstration below. coupable (koo-pahbl) : guilty se sentir coupable = to feel guilty Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav file La décision de placer la personne dans un établissement de soins est l’une... Read more →

Thank you for donating here to ALS research. Lou Gehrig's disease may one day be a thing of the past with your help. Le défi du seau d'eau glacé , pour L'ALS : ALS ice bucket challenge Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc Download MP3 or Wav Le défi du seau d'eau glacé - a été lancé ces... Read more →

While out on a scenic walk with Smokey, we spotted this watercolor artist and his lazy hammock. But cloth swings aren't the topic of the day... sheets are! So read on.... un drap (drah) : sheet Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc Download MP3 or Wave file Plier vos draps-housses au lieu de simplement les ranger tels quels... Read more →

What's your favorite way to get around France? Walk or ride? If you said "ride," then today's covoiturage tip is for you! le covoiturage (ko-vwah-tewr-ahzh) : rideshare, carshare, carsharing, carpool Audio File and Example Sentence: Download MP3 or Wav file BlablaCar est un service de covoiturage economique, ecologique et convivial. BlaBlaCar is a carpool service that's economical,... Read more →

First corn! Pictured this way it reminds me of The Good Witch's wand from The Wizard of Oz. That sure explains the magic going on around here, in the veggie patch! (Forgive me for the over-saturated photo. All that Instagraming is driving out the purist in me! More photos from our corner of France right here at... Read more →

Come Help Pick the Grapes! Our friends Caroline and Thomas are looking for volunteers to help bring in this year's harvest over at their Domaine Rouge-Bleu. Are you free the last two weeks of September? Looking for a unique experience amidst the vines of Provence? Are you tough enough? (Can you lift a bucket of grapes and... Read more →

En flagrant délit. How to say "two-timing" in French? Beats me, but the definition might be: to have a longtime commitment to one's blog ... when suddenly an obsession for another site takes over! (That site would be Instagram where I keep sneaking off to post another photo from home. Click here to follow this photographic affair... Read more →