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I am bookending today's post with photos of my belle-mère, Marsha--in honor of the beautiful and inspiring woman my father married 20 years ago. I dropped off Dad and Marsha at Marseilles International airport today after an enriching, cozy and delicious visit (many great meals in la mijoteuse and many more by the sea, including here at... Read more →

Opening the windows pour faire courant d'air -- this is but one popular French custom. Today we are talking about French traditions and quirks so get ready to share your observations here in the comments! une bizarrerie (bee-zahr-reuhr-ree) : a quirk or peculiarity France and Monaco Rentals: short-term holiday rental properties throughout France. Click here for pictures.... Read more →

Last winetasting in September is on the 28th at 5pm. We would love to see you so don't be shy--nobody here bites! Email to reserve your seat on the front patio. mimi (me-me) : cute, sweet, nice pretty --from the word mignon. Mimi, in casual talk, means "kiss" (un mimi sur la joue = a kiss... Read more →

One more winetasting in September--here at home. Join us! Thanks, Sam Gish, for this snapshot taken at our winetasting. The next meetup is September 28th. Hopefully there will still be flowers on the bougainvillea. Email us today and let us know if you can make it! Confirmations to le quignon (kee-nyohn) : heel, hunk, or end... Read more →

No picture of a crock pot to illustrate today's word. How about a windowsill, which is sort of in theme with the corresponding story (the first sentence anyway). P.S. This snapshot was taken in Ménerbes. une mijoteuse (me-zho-teuz) : slow cooker Also: crockpot, crock pot, or cocotte Audio file / Example Sentence: Listen to Jean-Marc read the... Read more →

2009. With Jackie, when Smokey was tarpin young. Lately everyone's growing up around here! (Picture taken months after Smokey's horrible attack.) Today's word is listed under "Parler Marseillais," or Marseilles lingo, so it may be a regional expression.... tarpin (tar-pahn) : a lot, very Would then "super duper" = tarpin tarpin? :-) Audio File & Example Sentence:... Read more →

A shop in the village of Le Castellet, near Bandol. MEET-UP! Come to our home for a wine-tasting on September 13th or Sept 28th! To reserve your seat, email le commerce équitable (koh-mairce-ay-kee tahbl) : fair trade Example Sentence Le commerce équitable est un commerce conçu pour assurer une juste rémunération à des producteurs des pays... Read more →

Smokey wishes you all une bonne rentrée. And, naner naner!, after enjoying his breakfast baguette, Smo-smo gets to linger beneath the lazy sunflower whilst Jackie hurries for the bus. How to say "to rub it in" in French? bonne rentrée (f) (boehn-rahn-tray) : happy back-to-school Audio File & Example Sentence: Download MP3 or Wave file Saw the... Read more →