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How to say 'forgetful' in French + today's giveaway

Un oubli? No, I did not forget today's photo! I need to leave out pictures, this one time, in an attempt to solve a mystery: "The Vertical Letters Mystery".... After reports by readers about text "running down the page"--instead of across it--we are trying to pinpoint the issue. You can help by reporting any formatting glitches to... Read more →

Apparently the vine leaves are changing up north, but in our area of Bandol the zinnias and the cosmos and one or two hollyhocks are still in bloom. And can you believe one little sunflower just blossomed, here on the eve of November.... marcotter (mar-koh-tay) : (of plants, especially strawberries) to layer--or when plants develop airborn roots,... Read more →

Enter to win a copy of the excellent Mastering the Art of French Eating: simply name your favorite cheese, right here in the comments box. Bonne chance! le fromage (froh-mazh) : cheese Expression: en faire tout un fromage = to make a big fuss out of nothing, to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Audio... Read more →

How is this post showing up in your email program? This is the third edition to go out since I switched email carriers, to Feedblitz. If you have any formating issues, please contact un clin d'oeil : a glance, wink; hint en un clin d'oeil = in the blink of an eye, in a heartbeat, in... Read more →

Sharing for an abundant future. This post is for my belle-mère, Marsha, who recently welcomed a dear and cherished grandson, "Christian," born trisomique (Down's Syndrome). Today we ask ourselves how to say "special needs person" in French? Meantime, here is a related word, learned recently while gardening with a group of special needs students in France: minutieux... Read more →

Sorting and saving seeds with a group of French with special needs. Ouf! I think we all landed safely, you and me, after yesterday's switchover. French Word-A-Day has changed email carriers and just in time... I have so much more to share with you: words, photos, dreams and more. le pois chiche (pwah-sheesh) : chickpea Audio File:... Read more →

Exercising restraint after posting a recent slew of dog photos. Enjoy some flowering melisse (lemon balm) and this stone cabanon instead. (More about dogs in today's column...) Breizh (pronunciation uncertain. Here we say BREZ) : in the Breton language, Breizh means "Brittany" Breizh, le nom breton de la Bretagne, vient lui d'un ancien Brittia. (Wikipedia) Breizh, the... Read more →

Only 54 minutes to complete today's post--in time to profiter or take advantage of the garden before tomorrow's rain! Don't miss the bullet statements below--including information on Thursday's winetasting. (photo taken yesterday, at our local supermarché) un jeton (zhuh-toh(n) : token, chip Exclusive French made clothes now available to purchase on-line. Thomas Hulston Collections. Example Sentence from... Read more →

Photo taken at Le Parc du Mugel in La Ciotat, where today's story takes place. October 9th (Thursday) Winetasting Join us here at home for the next dégustation. Teetolers welcome (you can sit beside me and my pitcher of Eau de Provence!) 10 euros per person. Email joie de vivre (jwah-deuh-vee-vruh) : love of life Style... Read more →

Visited Cassis last week with my belle-mère and my father. At La Plage du Bestouan we saw this charming home perched over the sea. More photos and videos of this past week's happenings--at Instagram. la serpillière (sair-pee-yair) : floor cloth, mop, swab une pompe serpillière = utility pump for draining flood water la serpillière gaufrée = cloth... Read more →