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Autumn and the sound, in the distance, of leaves crunching underfoot sagesse (saah zhess) noun, feminine wisdom, (good) sense; discretion Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc read these expressions: faire preuve de sagesse = to be sensible la sagesse populaire = popular (or traditional) wisdom agir avec sagesse = to act wisely la dent de sagesse = wisdom... Read more →

The painted sign reads: "To live well, love well, and let the others say what they will!" Pour bien vivre, bien aimer, et laisser dire se sublimer (seuh-soo-blee-may) : to transcend oneself, to go beyond one's limits Audio File: listen to today's word in the following story, written and read aloud by Jean-Marc! Download MP3 or Wav... Read more →

What to focus on? Take your pick! Car, seeds, dirty dishes, compost... Smokey. Ah, there's a comforting place to rest the eyes. Today's Prize: Desiderata poem, framed What do you do when bad things happen? Answer here and enter to win today's prize (more info below). à bientôt (ah-byen-toh) : see you soon! Audio File: listen to... Read more →

Enter to win a copy of the book Hidden in Paris. Answer the following question: Have you ever won something? Click here to answer. topinambour (toh-pee-nam-boor) : jerusalem artichoke, sun choke, helianthus tuberosus Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav file Pendant la guerre, manger des topinambours a permis d'éviter la famine. During the war,... Read more →

Enter to win this French holiday CD (pictured below) Simply tell me a favorite song of yours here in the comments. My mother-in-law might say "something by Elvis or Gainsbourg." That's her, right, in Nyons. Look at those trusty shoes she is wearing--the last thing I packed for her before the firemen whisked her away, yesterday! Read... Read more →

To enter to win today's book--a copy of Flirting with French--tell me your favorite thing to eat. Click here to enter. Today's delicious fish caper begins somewhere near the sea in La Madrague, east of La Ciotat.... but before we begin, a question for those who have had difficulty viewing these emailed posts: how are things looking... Read more →