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Jackie in Milan, at the spectacular Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. TODAY'S WORD: bluffer (bluh-fay) : to surprise, impress, astound someone : to lie, pretend, fake something être bluffé = to be bowled over, to be impressed, to be stunned AUDIO FILE: Listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or wav Pensant qu'elle irait à Paris, Kristi a été bluffé... Read more →

As the end of the year approaches, I'm running out of steam... and so have devised a GIANT HEADLINES approach to this posting. (Photo taken yesterday, in Evanos, France.) TODAY'S WORD "faire monter la mayonnaise" = to give more attention to a subject--to stir up interest. We will learn more about this word in a moment.... AUDIO... Read more →

Just back from a doctor's appointment in Marseilles (Youpie! No need for elbow surgery--just a lot of kiné, or physiotherapy visits to repair my coude. Today's photos , and the following post, are from 2 years ago. Meantime, it is not too late to enter the drawing for a one week stay in this Provençal village home.... Read more →

Enter to win a week's stay in this 17th century village house in Provence! See details, below. Your chances of winning are GREAT ! After all, this is not the French lottery. So far the average number of entries for these giveaways is 300, but this could change given today's prize! What will your chances be in... Read more →

I would have never met GUS, had he not entered to win one of these blog contests. Proof that the best part of these giveaways is getting to know readers! (Pictured: wrapping for the antique key that Gus won. Click on the hyperlink in the first sentence to see Gus receiving it!) TODAY'S WORD tirer (teer-ay) :... Read more →

Today's story begins in Mexico... and this is Mom, who taught me the example sentence in today's edition (see "audio file")... Enter to win a $30 Amazon gift certificate when you answer the following question: Which part of this newsletter do you most enjoy: the word, the soundfile, the pictures or the story column? (Or maybe these... Read more →

So good to be back! Celebrating with another giveaway! Enter to win the beloved, the exquisitely made French Country Diary. Simply answer this question: What are you celebrating this month? Click here to answer. TODAY'S WORD: luxer (loox-ay) : to dislocate AUDIO FILE: Listen to today's word in context: Download MP3 or Download Wave file En promenant... Read more →