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The French art of well wishing in today's edition. Enjoy and thanks for sharing this post with a friend! bon (boh(n) silent "n") good; right, correct AUDIO FILE: Listen to our daughter, Jackie, read the following example sentence: Download MP3 or Wav file Bonne fête, bonne journée, bonne promenade... bon appétit... les francais ont la manie de... Read more →

While my computer was in the shop being repaired, Jean-Marc and I rearranged our bedroom, and now I've got a desk with a view--and a working ordinateur, just in time to announce our latest winner (scroll to end of post)! la choucroute (shoo-kroot) : sauerkraut la choucroute garni = sauerkraut with meat (smoked pork, frankfurters) and potatoes... Read more →

Today's Word: coucou! (koo-koo) : hi there. AUDIO FILE: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's expression. The first words in the example sentence are: "Coucou c'est nous..." Can you make out the rest of the sentence? A DaY IN A FRENCH LIFE by Kristin Espinasse "Lost in the Shuffle" Coucou les amis et amies! If today's format... Read more →

The sign in the lower left reads: A VENDRE (For Sale). After I posted a question on Friday ("Should I post once- or twice-weekly"), one reader commented that this blog might as well close up shop! The suggestion got me all riled up--which isn't such a bad place to be, when you're sitting on the fence over... Read more →

Today's snapshot was taken during our mother-daughter trip to Milan. The modern sculpture wonderfully illustrates today's verb! Also, help me answer the question "Should this journal go out once or twice per week?" Comment here, and enter to win today's giveaway, details below. Beautifully renovated and decorated home in the Luberon. 4 bedrooms and a study with... Read more →

Some of the garbage we produce becomes plant food. Just look at this backyard strawberry in January! Vive le compost! As for the rest of the waste, we are working on it! Read on.... TODAY'S WORD: le déchet (day-shay) : garbage, waste, rubbish AUDIO FILE: Listen to Jean-Marc Download MP3 or Wave File Le meilleur déchet, c'est... Read more →

Photo taken in Aix-en-Provence yesterday, by my son Max. Thank you for your help, the other day. Your notes led to three good housing possibilities! se battre : to fight Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc read the following quote Download MP3 or wav Je ne suis pas d'accord avec ce que vous dites, mais je me battrai... Read more →

Housed, fed, and bleached. Our son, Max, is looking for two of those things in Portland, Oregon. For the third, let's see if he can find a better translation in today's story, which he wrote in French and in English. (Photo taken 10 years ago, when Max was 9... and already helping us care for our vines.)... Read more →

Lots of new vocabulary today, and part two of our story from the fashion capital of the world! TODAY'S WORD faire du lèche-vitrines : to go window shopping AUDIO FILE: listen to Jean-Marc read the following example sentence Download MP3 or Wav file Dans la luxueuse Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Jackie et Kristi ont fait du lèche-vitrines. In... Read more →