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Poilu : a semi-truck, a hairy person, or a soldier?

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Bonjour !
Our telephone lines are down again, so I am moblogging--using my tiny smartphone keyboard to compose this blog post. You can imagine how fun that is... so this will be short and sweet :
Short, for today's 5 letter word, poilu, and sweet, for our favorite easy cake recipe. (Quick here's a link to the French yogurt cake. Many of you are familiar with the post, in which Smokey and I make the cake on video... http://french-word-a-day.typepad.com/motdujour/2012/08/yogurt-cake-recipe.html )
And as for today's historical word, les poilus, the French term of endearment was lost on me while ambling down Hairy People's Street, in La Ciotat.
Returning home, I shared the snapshot, below, on Facebook and received a few clarifications:
Bruce wrote:
Wasn't "poilu" a slang term for French soldiers during WWI?
Clifford wrote :
Bruce is correct, just as Napoleon's old soldiers were called grognards
Mary Taylor Keates noted:
Poilus... Because of their beards and mustaches--like the doughboy, which I think was an American term
Marilyn Griffith added:
That's funny (in reference to the caption I gave the photo: "The seaside town of La Ciotat. I think the street name reads "Hairy People's Street")
Joe Lillard responded:
That seems a little too literal!
Naomi Bloom wrote :
"Poilu" is also a semi truck, n'est-ce pas ?
Hope you enjoyed today's word. One can learn so much on Facebook...now to sort out the fact from fiction--all the while enjoying the lively commentary...
Flower Power sums up today's photo:
"Let your pit hair grow and eat fruit--sounds like a beautiful life to me! "
Hope your week is off to a good start. I'll be back with more photos soon :-)
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