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Smokey gets his stitches out today (test results back next week). Here he is taking a break from that uncomfortable cone, the protective collerette he has worn for two weeks. Tomorrow is le premier Mai. Click here to learn what the French are up to. s'esclaffer : to guffaw, to burst out laughing AUDIO FILE: listen to... Read more →

Friday is May 1st. Be prepared by reading about the Muguet tradition : Click here or here. And many thanks to the writer Mary Ellen Gallagher, whose thoughtful notes and research inspired today's post. le mois (mwah) : month ça fait des mois = it's been months arrondir ses fins de mois = to supplement one's income... Read more →

Do you listen to the audio files in these posts? Here are the French men who record them: my 19-year-old son, Max, and my husband, Jean-Marc. The treasure of sound files for this blog dates back to when the kids were 7-years-old. Here is a gem you must listen to and share!: A nine-year-old Max, reading Rudyard... Read more →

I pick up Smokey from the clinique in half an hour! His operation went well to remove the tumor and we will have results back in two weeks. Thank you for the thoughtful wishes you've sent in, including this exquisite note from my favorite calligrapher, Joy Fairclough, based in the South of France. See her Studio French... Read more →

Come to our home, this Monday, April 20th at 3p.m. for snacks and a winetasting. (We live near Bandol) To reserve your seat, email (p.s if the fava beans are ready, we'll try some :-) Mas de Perdrix. A home in France that artists and writers love to rent. Work on your creative project in this... Read more →

Jean-Marc, laboring his 1st year vines. He is pushing a motorized plow, or motoculteur avec charrue, the idea being the plow would do most of the work. But as I snapped this photo from the upper field, I heard a lot of French cussing as my husband struggled to direct his new and unweildy assistant.... WINETASTING -... Read more →

French Word-A-Day goes out twice a week, but the stories continue in pictures over at Instagram. This snapshot, above, is subtitled "Following in a musician's steps, in Aix." I had been hurrying along behind the stranger, on my way to a meeting, when a little voice whispered: Snap out of it. Sometimes we are so clamped down... Read more →

"Where's my chocolate bone?" Smokey, a day or two after Easter. I post pictures daily at Instagram. Follow me, here, to see what's next... le lapin : rabbit, bunny Improve your French pronunciation with Exercises in French phonetics. Click here. AUDIO FILE: Listen to Jean-Marc read this list of lapin terms and the example sentence which follows:... Read more →

Have you ever picked wild asparagus? Some call these thin green (and purple!) shoots "The harbingers of springtime." Pictured: les aspèrges sauvages picked around our house, and lined up in the back of an old remorque, or wagon. une asperge : asparagus asperger = to spray or to splash une (grande) asperge = a beanpole (person) une... Read more →

Very sorry for today's hasty letter. I'm in a hurry as I need to be in Paris by 9 a.m. for three days of community service. The authorities contacted us after the herdsman I wrote about filed a complaint. Turns out we are being prosecuted--not for misrepresentation but for empoisonnement! That punk rock shepherd I profiled in... Read more →