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Pictured: Sam and Breizh, in 2009. Smokey's parents met and eloped in Marseilles. It is the most amazing story ever. A miracle! Please read "Chien Perdu" here. (But don't miss the update, below). l'ouïe (wee) noun, feminine : hearing Mas la Monaque - Rent this beautifully restored 17-century farmhouse. Click here for more pictures. Related Terms &... Read more →

Breizh. May 17th 2006- July 25, 2015 9 GOLDEN YEARS Yesterday we said goodbye to our beloved golden retriever, Breizh (a.k.a. Braise, and Brez). We are so grateful, dear girl, for all of the happiness you gave us. We can never thank you enough. Repose en paix. I leave you, dear reader, with Jackie's words: Tu étais... Read more →

A meaningful gift our recent guests left us: drawing by Bill Logie. AVOIR DE LA VEINE : to be lucky Mas de Perdrix. A home in France that artists and writers love to rent. Work on your creative project in this inspiring environment. AUDIO FILE: Listen to Jean-Marc read the following example sentence: Download MP3 or Wav... Read more →

Jean-Marc, returning to his vine fields after delivering me this tree! Meet Morrie! We welcome to our vineyard a new tree, a morus alba pendula . This weeping mulberry tree, a permaculture gardener's dream, will lend a delicious dimension to today's recipe: French Fruit Soup. Read on! French Provincial--Australia's #1 magazine for French style and culture. Subscribe... Read more →

Jean-Marc ("Chief Grape") and Kristi. My husband records the sound files for this journal (today's will be late), and I write the stories. Photo by Cynthia Gillespie-Smith (check out her charming rental in Provence very near Aix-en-Provence and not far from Avignon and Arles). chétif (chétive) : puny, meagre; undersized, poor un enfant chétif = a weak... Read more →

My mother-in-law has discovered google translation as a way to read these posts in French. I hope Michèle-France will enjoy today's story! (Picture of the red sunflowers growing in our field of cinsault grapes. To see the yellow tournesols, join me on Instagram.) oreiller (oh-ray-yay) noun, masculine : pillow My Other House is in France pillow -... Read more →

Choose a better hiding place next time, Smokey! Now that you are found, let's go inside where it's cool and make a delicious and easy tomato tart. While it cooks we can take the leftover tomato scraps and do cleansing spa masks! Read about that, below. Meantime, today we learn a fun French idiom: Est-ce que je... Read more →

How to making iced tea in Provence.... (As for how to make lavender wands... read on!) tresser (treh-say) 1. to plait, to braid; to twist 2. to weave, wreathe (basket, garland) synonyms: natter (to plait, braid), entrelacer (to interlace, intertwine) French Provincial--Australia's #1 magazine for French style and culture. Subscribe now. AUDIO FILE: listen to Jean-Marc pronounce... Read more →