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Smokey's Excellent Vacation - We just returned from the Ile d'Oléron with all four--make that five!--members of our family. From a nightly game of Yam (Yahtzee) to regular forays to the ocean, we had a restful and memorable time together. See all the pictures right here. (And did you spot Mr. Sacks in the photo above?) MILLE... Read more →

Readers call him anything from "Hunk of Burning Love" to "Chief Grape" (and some other things, read on...). Here is my husband in his vines, at this morning's unofficial harvest. More pictures will be posted, soon, at Instagram (see here). A SERIOUS WARNING: Today's story includes sensitive material (and the F word). Please do not be offended... Read more →

Just discovered another photo of Jean-Marc and his side-kick Mr. Sacks, in Italy. Don't miss the collection of Mr Sacks photos! JEAN-MARC IN WINE SPECTATOR - Please read about Jean-Marc in this week's online edition of Wine Spectator! The story is called Parched in Provence. TODAY'S WORD: le glaçon : ice cube French definition of ice cubes... Read more →

Scroll down my Facebook feed and you'll see French artist and friend Yvon Kergal's recipe for carmelized "Ratatouillasse" (apparently a valid scrabble word, though no other definition found...) It's the most delicious hamburger-ratatouille combo ever! TODAY'S WORD: une carte de séjour : residence permit AUDIO FILE: Listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Download Wav file Pour obtenir... Read more →