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Photo of Jean-Marc taken in 2008, after his first year of making wine in the Rhone Valley. Seven years and two vineyards later, he is in his element here in Bandol, where his natural rosé will be released in 2016! TODAY'S WORD: levure : yeast la levure chimique = baking powder, chemical leavening la levure de bière... Read more →

Join us tomorrow at 3:30 pm for a winetasting. Jean-Marc and I are happy to welcome you here (near Bandol). Confirm at More tasting dates: October 3rd and October 19. Email the address above, for more info. TODAY'S WORD: la câpre : caper le câprier = caper plant ECOUTEZ/LISTEN Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce these French words:... Read more →

We would be so happy to see you at our winetasting this Saturday, September 26th at 3pm. RSVP to (Photo taken for our 20th wedding anniversary, here at home last year. We celebrate 21 years tomorrow!) WORD OF THE DAY: Dépaysement : change of scene, disorientation, culture shock => dépaysement is often used in a positive... Read more →

A clue as to where I really want to be these days: back in this ape triporteur with strawberries and avocados from my French garden in the truck bed and my dog by my side! If you are new to this list, a warm and hearty bienvenue! When French Word-A-Day began in 2002 it ran 7 days... Read more →

Olive trees, sunflowers and more grape vines on the way! Thanks for reading today's story, below. Mas de Perdrix. A home in France that artists and writers love to rent. Work on your creative project in this inspiring environment. TODAY'S WORD: Tractopelle : digger, backhoe ECOUTE / LISTEN Hear Jean-Marc pronouce today's word and example sentence Download... Read more →

The photo Jean-Marc took of our daughter, before she momentarily disappeared. The illusion of calm attracts swimmers. However, when great waves diminish, they (swimmers) are taken far away from the beach. When they try to swim against the current, they tire, weaken, and end up drowning. (See French translation below). Today's Word: contre-courant : ripcurrent, pull of... Read more →