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Recipe for Pesto in Bed at the end of this post. TODAY'S WORD: Le Pistou : pesto ECOUTER/LISTEN - hear Jean-Marc pronounce these French words: Pistou Le pistou. La sauce au pistou ou tout simplement pistou est une sauce, équivalent provençal du pesto ligure, à base de basilic pilé, d'ail et d'huile d'olive. Pesto. Pesto sauce or... Read more →

I wanted everything to be perfect when Tess and the artists arrived. But when I went to check my appearance in the mirror, after greeting my guests, there was pink toilet paper stuck to my eyelashes!! Read on. TODAY'S WORD: le papier toilette : toilet paper ECOUTEZ/LISTEN - hear Jean-Marc pronounce today's word: click here or here:... Read more →

It was this... or a picture of a broken elbow. Read on in today's story column. And for more pictures of our garden, and these citrons and these guavas, join me on Instagram! TODAY'S WORD: le nid de poule : a pothole, or pit in the road's surface Un nid de poule literally means "hen's nest" WHERE... Read more →

Join us for tomorrow's (October 14th) winetasting at 3pm. Or meet us October 19th.We would love to see you here, near Bandol! Email your confirmation to (Thanks, Nick and Jill Cook, for this photo!) TODAY'S EXPRESSION "To get one's money's worth" : en avoir pour son argent Mas de Perdrix. A home in France that artists... Read more →

A tornado on the outskirts of our village! (filmed by firefighter John Liqr (c) photo copyright /Facebook) TODAY'S WORD: une trombe : whirlwind, waterspout, torrent démarrer en trombe = to hurtle off, leave in a whirlwind en trombe = at full throttle des trombes d'eau = a downpour WHERE TO RENT IN FRANCE? Special thanks to our... Read more →

Join us for tomorrow's wine tasting here near Bandol. If it's raining, we will sit around our kitchen table, warmed by the fire. Reserve your cozy seat at TODAY'S WORD: une betise : a silly, foolish thing dire des bêtises = to talk nonsense faire une bêtise = to make a silly mistake ECOUTEZ/LISTEN Hear Jean-Marc... Read more →