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France's own 007 and his sleek getaway car. Oh, if getting away from our villains were that easy! Read on.... TODAY'S WORD: faire de son mieux : to do one's best ECOUTEZ/LISTEN hear Jean-Marc pronounce today's phrase Download MP3 or Download Wav file Faire de son mieux. On peut toujours faire de son mieux. To do one's... Read more →

Screenshot from the online magazine - sent to me by Antonia, who discovered the French Word-A-Day blog after googling the même pas peur expression. MEME PAS PEUR = NOT AFRAID Recently, my word journal received a surge of activity after people all around the world began to google the French expression même pas peur. The popular... Read more →

More behind the trenchcoat our daughter made, in today's story. TODAY'S WORD : imperméable : raincoat : weatherproof, impervious (adj) ECOUTEZ/LISTEN: hear Jean-Marc pronounce these French words: MP3 file or Wav File Imperméable. Nous sommes très fiers de Jackie pour la réalisation de son imperméable. Raincoat. We are very proud of Jackie for completing her raincoat. WHERE... Read more →

In front of Smokey: just-harvested jerusalem artichokes. More about these meaningful root vegetables in today's story. TODAY'S WORD: le topinambour : jerusalem artichoke, sunchoke ECOUTER/LISTEN - hear Jean-Marc pronounce the example sentence, with topinambour, below: Download MP3 or Download Wav file Sa diffusion en Europe se développe rapidement grâce à sa culture facile, sa rusticité et sa... Read more →

Several olive trees have now been moved to make way for our 2016 vine planting. My husband and I don't agree on the uprooting of some of these trees, so this has been a rough week! How ironic to squabble over an olive tree when its very branches symbolize la paix. Read about prise de bec, in... Read more →

Following his bike accident, Jean-Marc got his staples out Saturday and was out inspecting the fields around our home for our 2016 vine-planting. More photos you may have missed, at Instagram. TODAY'S WORD: immobilier : property, real estate ECOUTEZ/LISTEN - Hear Jean-Marc pronounce today's word and this example sentence. Download wav file or press the mp3 button:... Read more →