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Delicious sorrel soup - with a swirl of Pesto in Bed. Recipe follows. TODAY'S WORD: oseille (f) : sorrel (a plant) Oseille is also slang for "cash", or "dough". To comment on this word, go here. ECOUTER/LISTEN to Jean-Marc read these French words: Download MP3 or Wav Frotter une feuille de Rumex (l'oseille) sur une peau piquée... Read more →

My slowcooker has been on nonstop these past two weeks, as I've made a daily lunch for Jean-Marc and his stagiaire, or intern. For today's recipe, however, you'll need an oven..... TODAY'S WORD: le gratin : a cheese-topped dish (also a dish topped with breadcrumbs) In addition to being a dish topped with a browned crust, le... Read more →

Benches along a trottoir in Collioures, France. Photo taken 11 years ago, when Jean-Marc and I celebrated our 11th anniversary, while dreaming of owning a vineyard one day. TODAY'S WORD: le trottoir : sidewalk Mas de la Perdrix-the perfect home to celebrate special occasions with family and friends…click here. ECOUTEZ/LISTEN: listen to Jean-Marc Download Trottoir En France... Read more →

The sunflower that bloomed here in January. Today it reminds me of a search light, combing the sky above, looking for a starman.... TODAY'S WORD: se rendre compte : to realize ECOUTEZ/LISTEN hear Jean-Marc read this quote Download MP3 or Wav file J’ai toujours pensé que j’étais un artiste intellectuel, je me rends compte aujourd’hui que, la... Read more →

Occasionally someone writes in to ask about room rates at our vineyard. Now's a good time to clear up any confusion: the rental ads seen in this newsletter are not referring to our home (how I'd love this to be our kitchen! Hélas, it belongs to Mas de Perdrix, a dream-come-true place to stay in Provence, with... Read more →

Sunrise here at our vineyard, and a new day. Make that a new year! TODAY'S WORD: la bienveillance : goodwill, kindness, loving-kindness ECOUTEZ/LISTEN to Jean-Marc read this example sentence Download Bienveillance Développe en toi l'indépendance à tout moment, avec bienveillance, simplicité et modestie. - Marc-Aurèle Develop at every moment in yourself independence, loving-kindness, simplicity and modesty. A... Read more →