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Just back from Aix-en-Provence, where Jackie and I visited a potential faculté, or college... and it has nothing to do with fashion studies! Domaine Rouge-Bleu will soon embark on another USA tour. Meet Thomas! Click here for cities and schedules. TODAY'S WORD: les portes-ouvertes : open house (U.S.), open day (U.K.) Thanks to Nancy, Katia, and Audrey... Read more →

We returned home last night from our family ski vacation to find poppies blossoming along the railroad tracks in our village. Bonjour Printemps! Are you here to stay? TODAY'S EXPRESSION "Ça ne mange pas de pain" = it doesn't cost a thing * literally, "It doesn't eat bread". I heard Jean-Marc say this while we were on... Read more →

Make this easy chestnut cream cake and your guests, like mine, will be dipping their spoons into the pan for more! (Cuillères, because the French do not eat cake with fourchettes, as we do back home in Arizona.) TODAY'S WORD: le marron 1. brown or chestnut (color) 2. chestnut 3. black-eye (slang) Mas de la Perdrix-the perfect... Read more →

Today's story is from the book Blossoming in Provence--a good gift for Valentine's day! Order here. TODAY'S FRENCH WORD... is all the French words in the following love story, because that is what love is: le tout--everything! Happy Valentine's day in advance. (Don't miss Jean-Marc's pronunciation of the entire vocabulary list, following the story.) Mas de la... Read more →

I wish you cheerfulness. That is what we all need to offer and to receive. That is true courtesy which enriches everyone, beginning with the one who gives it. This is the treasure that multiplies in the exchange. We can sow it along the roads, in the tramways, in the newsstands; it won't lose one atom of... Read more →