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Happy Days then and now. Photo taken in 1991 Today's Word: broyer du noir : to feel defeated, demoralized, depressed AUDIO FILE - Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's word and sentence: Download MP3 or Wav file broyer du noir. Quand quelqu'un est déprimé il voit tout en noir. To feel dejected. When someone's depressed, the see everything... Read more →

France boasts an abundant supply of water. But can you drink from the tap? Is it potable, or drinkable? Just where does tap water come from and, more importantly, What is in it? TODAY'S WORD: eau du robinet : tap water ECOUTEZ/Listen to Jean-Marc read the following sentence: Download MP3 or Download Wav Eau du robinet. Peut-on... Read more →

How many beach towels does it take to dry a floor? Read about our latest inundation and meet the culprit! SEE YOU SOON? WINETASTING - APRIL 15th A few times a year we open our home sweet-flooded-home to visitors. To reserve your seat for our Friday, April 15th meetup at 3 pm email me at TODAY'S... Read more →

My article in Paris's Journal of Applied Physics. You are viewing the April 1st edition. I stood in line for 8 hours at our local newsstand to obtain copies of this historical printing of yesterday's pivotal discovery of The Jetaieu Spectrum. Bonjour! It is a pleasure to be back! During my two-week absense, I have had the... Read more →