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Doing much much better around here. Many thanks for the warmth, understanding and support you have sent. Picture of Jean-Marc and me taken two days ago, at Chateau de Pibarnon. Photos by Phyllis Adatto. Today's French Phrase: HISSY FIT : un caprice ECOUTEZ: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce these French words: Download MP3 or Wav Caprice. Phyllis a... Read more →

The following is a curious choice for word-of-the-day on the eve of our son's 21st birthday, but the term mère indigne popped up in today's story. I then found an old word-a-day soundfile from when Max was 11 years old. So there you have it. An almost ready-made post! Here we go: UNE MERE INDIGNE : an... Read more →

The regular edition, with bells and whistles, will be back next week. Photo of our home, from our 20th wedding anniversary, in 2014. Truly A Good Year for Jean-Marc. Dear Readers, If I ever wrote a cookbook or a memoir I would call it Accidental Cassoulet. And if I have one regret in my life it is... Read more →

For those who've never seen us before, I thought to include this photo of Jean-Marc and me, pictured under this pink chinese umbrella. We've lost a bit of hair which is understandable in these cloudy times! At first I thought this quote (to our left) was an unfinished sentence. But on rereading it, I now see it... Read more →