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Attempting to pose for a family photo. See the final result at the end of this post! Today's Word: un brevet : diploma, school certificate : patent YOUR AD HERE. Reach 26,000 readers with your message. Click HERE 1. SABLET HOME - in the heart of Provence. Click HERE. 2. FRANCE & MONACO rental throughout France &... Read more →

Photo taken this morning, while out on a walk with Dad and Smokey (can you find him in this photo?) My family leaves soon. We are busy making memories. Speaking of les souvenirs, here is a story from 2006, when our son, Max, was eleven years old and on his way to camp.... une gourde (goord) noun,... Read more →

My dad and Marsha arrived late Tuesday night--despite the national strikes! I am taking the next two weeks off to enjoy every minute with family. Today's post was written during their last visit in September of 2014. Photo taken at Le Parc du Mugel in La Ciotat, where today's story takes place. TODAY'S WORD: joie de vivre... Read more →

A homemade tart by my mother-in-law offers a loving touch. I want my American family to feel cared for--pouponné!--when they stay with me this month. Tell us what makes you most comfortable when you are a guest in someone's home. Conversely, tell us ways you try to be a good guest. Click HERE to comment. TODAY'S WORD:... Read more →

Miss Bossy Boots in my kitchen. We're a good team! Next winetasting is June 10th at 3pm. You are all invited. TODAY'S FRENCH PHRASE: mener à la baguette : to boss, to boss around, to rule with a rod of iron ECOUTER--Hear these French words spoken by Jean-Marc: Download MP3 file or Wav file Pendant le repas... Read more →