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So many of you are now reading Diane's inspiring memoir about her time in France. I received my copy a few days ago and by page 16 I had teared up three times. I can deeply relate to Diane's longing for France! In an honest and very modest tone, Diane writes about what it is like to... Read more →

Joy alert. On the eve of the 1st anniversary of our dog, Breizh's, passing, there was a rainbow on the horizon. More joy alerts in today's story. YOUR AD HERE. Reach 26,000 readers. Place an ad in the French Word-A-Day newsletter. Click here. SABLET HOME - for high quality vacation rentals in the heart of Provence. Click... Read more →

Jean-Marc with friends who came to visit, yesterday. That is little Céline and Raphael, and Laurence (wearing the hat. Her father was best friends with Jean-Marc's father.) TODAY'S WORD: retourner sa veste : to change sides (politically, etc), to go over to the other side ECOUTER- Listen to Jean-Marc read the following French words: Download Sound File... Read more →

I was listening to my car radio, as a French psychiatrist spoke about trauma. He mentioned three groups of victims. The first are those directly affected (physically injured) by the event. The second are those who witnessed the event. The third are those who are aware of the event: you and I. I don't know anyone personally... Read more →

Maybe it is because I am a leftie (une gauchère), or because I do things backwards (reading magazines)... but the marketeer in me thinks the back of Diane's book is most enticing! Satisfy your curiosity by viewing the front cover, here. Eight Months in Provence, A Junior Year Abroad 30 Years Late. It is never too late... Read more →

Michèle-France's Pizza d'Ete. Summer Pizza. YOUR AD HERE. Reach 26,000 readers with your message. Click HERE SABLET HOME - We offer high quality, private vacation rentals in the heart of Provence, particularly suited to groups of up to four discerning travelers. Click HERE. TODAY'S WORD: une rondelle : slice Note: rondelle, in this sense, is used for... Read more →