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Une citrouille, in French, is a pumpkin (and a pumpkin is also a potiron). But in today's story, une citrouille is a mode of transportation...and we're not talking about a Citroën! TODAY'S WORD: Une Citrouille : pumpkin : head (synonym, in French, for citrouille) la citrouille d'Halloween = jack-o'-lantern la tarte à la citrouille = pumpkin pie... Read more →

French Country Diary - everyone's favorite calendar and it makes a great gift: Click here for the French Country Diary 2017 TODAY'S WORD: faire des courses : to go shopping : to run errands SABLET HOME - for high quality vacation rentals in the heart of Provence. Click here for pictures. FRANCE & MONACO We offer exclusive... Read more →

It is proving difficult to illustrate an article on learning grammar naturally! So we'll take inspiration from good ol' Smokey, who is always his best, most natural self--especially on vacation! (In our brief absence we leave you with a helpful article by Benjamin Houy of HOW TO LEARN GRAMMAR NATURALLY Have you ever tried asking French... Read more →

"Miam" is a French word used to designate the appreciation of something, generally a culinary preparation. It is a word that comes from a child's language but one adults use, too, as a part of their appetite. Definition from Miam est un terme utilisé pour désigner l'appréciation d'une chose, généralement une préparation culinaire. C'est un mot... Read more →

We all need more mudita! Mudita is the benevolent and altruistic joy that delights in the happiness and success of others. It is a sacred joy that finds its pleasure in the well-being of another rather than by feeding envious thoughts and jealousies concerning the other. To illustrate "mudita," we often give the example of parents, who... Read more →

TODAY'S WORD: avoir la niaque (also: avoir la gnaque) French: Être très motivé, être capable de soulever des montagnes. (Wikipedia) English : To be very motivated, to be capable of moving mountains ECOUTEZ - Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's French word: Download MP3: Avoir-la-niaque Avoir la niaque. Aujourd'hui, je n'ai pas la niaque pour continuer ce projet... Read more →

I think I could live long as there is a garden to call my own. Or is it time to share another's garden? To contribute and to humbly accept a portion of the harvest? These things cross my mind. Meantime, we continue in limbo, until the day our vineyard sells and another decision is made. Read... Read more →

Voici une photo d'un caraco. Here is a picture of a caraco. Worn by Jackie, to her brother's birthday party. TODAY'S WORD: le caraco - camisole - bodice, corset ECOUTEZ - Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's French word: Download Caraco Ni un débardeur, ni un marcel, le caraco c'est une camisole Neither a vest top or a... Read more →

It's good to be back in France! Please give a warm welcome to our returning sponsor, Cynthia: Provence & French Alps Tours – Two regions of France in affordable, small group tours since 2009. Majestic mountains, Provence colors. Wine/cheese tastings, Michelin Star cuisine. Click here. TODAY'S WORD: fresh as a lettuce : to be calm as a... Read more →