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The first time I heard the words "Et patati et patata" was in church. The whimsical expression was even funnier coming out of the mouth of a priest. (Photo taken inside church, in Roussillon) BORDEAUX AND THE DORDOGNE small group tour Sept 18-26 - culture, cuisine & wine. Click here for itinerary. TODAY'S WORD: Et patati et... Read more →

Restless leg syndrome affects men and women and, when it strikes, my face looks very much like this dog's face: Oh no! Not again! (Those legs belong to my friend Tanja. That's her wonderful dog, Ricard. If you like her espadrilles, they are found here, by Soludos.) TODAY'S WORD: le fourmillement : pins and needles, tingling (sensation),... Read more →

Is it a cold or maybe hay fever? With so much blossoming going on, and le printemps around the corner, it is probably le rhume des foins causing this sneezing and stuffy nose and not simply le rhume. TODAY'S WORD: le rhume des foins : hay fever, rhinitis 3-minute video : there is no Y sound in... Read more →

Will handwriting soon be obsolete? Currently, French employers still appreciate a penned cover letter. (Picture of the handmade pen my sister gave me for my birthday.) TODAY'S WORD: le stylo : pen un stylo bille = ballpoint pen un stylo plume = fountain pen un stylo feutre = a felt-tip pen Try Mastering French Vocabulary with Audio... Read more →

Using the keyword "squirrel," I searched my google photo archives for an image to illustrate today's word...and this is what came back. Do you see un écureuil in there somewhere? We begin this edition with a quote from a reader: When I studied French decades ago, I was told by one prof that during the war, écureuil... Read more →

Today we talk about cover letters in France--an important part of French business etiquette. Listen to Jackie read her lettre de motivation, for a summer job she is applying for. TODAY'S WORD: la candidature : application (for a job) un appel à candidature = a call for applications poser sa candidature = to apply for a job... Read more →

Benjamin Houy, a young Frenchman from Paris, has written some helpful language posts for this blog. His 30-Day French program will teach you everything you need to know to speak French with 30 lessons based on real-life conversations. Try it out. TODAY'S WORD: le soin : care, attention, treatment EXAMPLE SENTENCE: Don't miss the soundfile for this... Read more →

If you read all the stories posted here in January, your French vocabulary grew like the dickens (il a beaucoup poussé)! Let's go over some of the terms we learned in the context of this French life. Click on the titles below to read any stories you missed. Be sure to click on the sound file below... Read more →

Today's post is illustrated with valleys, in theme with today's word and story. Wish to speak French fluently? 30-Day French will teach you everything you need to know to speak French on your next trip to France with 30 lessons based on real-life conversations. Try it out. TODAY'S WORD: le vallon : valley, little valley Try Mastering... Read more →

Sheep grazing in the vineyard of Domaine Tempier beneath the village of la Cadière d'Azur - a most charming village near us. Reserve a room for Valentines or any time of year. Click here. TODAY'S WORD: Tondre : to mow, to cut, to shave, to shear 1 Minute video : learn to say "monsieur" correctly. By Dave... Read more →