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Friends Gary and Tim (who have shared stories here before) are back to recount an unforgettable chasse aux truffes with Christophe (left) and his dog Cacahuète (Peanut). La truffe would have been the word of the day but it was recently featured as one of the Hardest Words to Pronounce. So enjoy this new term, taken from... Read more →

Read Jean-Marc's story and pick out French words to share in the next Vocabulary RoundUp. (photo: Before he planted vines here, Jean-Marc sowed phacelia, a flower that attracts bees as well as being a good soil amendment. In the distance, you see a field of ancient olive trees. Today's bilingual story takes place there....) TODAY'S WORD: l'herbe... Read more →

If you read all 9 stories posted in February, you now own a herd of new French words! Let's go over the terms we learned. First, take two minutes to relax and listen to the list of words (you will have another chance at the end of the post): =>Hear Jean-Marc read the vocabulary words listed below... Read more →