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Did you miss a post this month? Pas de souci. No worries! Here are all the words and stories from June, accompanied by recent photos from our area (St Cyr-sur-Mer). Click on the title links to access the posts and even more photos. This is a good post to share with a friend, who would like to... Read more →

This weekend there were more than 30 of us seated at the table for our family reunion in Fuveau. Listen to the previous sentence, in French, below. "une cousinade" : family reunion Click here to listen to Jean-Marc read the next sentence in French Ce week-end nous étions une trentaine de personnes à table, lors de notre... Read more →

Spectacular views from every window, a charming, private courtyard, comfortable spacious rooms, and air-conditioned bedrooms make Maison des Pèlerins very inviting all year round. View this rental property. Don't put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Ne mettez jamais rien de plus petit que votre coude dans votre oreille. Don't miss the rest of this... Read more →

On Sunday, we took the long way to the beach, enjoying one of the many sentiers, or walking paths--this one fragrant with sweet-scented Scotch Broom! What with the perfumed air and feel of the sea's breeze, it was a sensual Father's Day morning--especially when my ears began to be tickled by a funny Southern French exclamation soon... Read more →

The fishing village of Porticello, Sicily, where we had a memorable meal and celebration. "RACINES" : roots Hear Jean-Marc pronounce the following sentence. Click here RACINE La famille - Comme les branches d'un arbre, nous grandissons tous dans de différentes directions, mais nos racines ne font qu'un. Family - like branches on a tree, we all grow... Read more →

In the 5 years we've lived here, I have posted photos of our home here and here and here. This one, of Jean-Marc's DIY waterfall (a garden hose secured by a few rocks) shows the boulders on the side of our farmhouse and the almond trees that shade them in summertime. You can also see the giant... Read more →

A one-line metaphorical update on the sale of our vineyard here in St. Cyr-sur-Mer: For 7 months now, despite a mountain of bureaucracy involved in the transfer of our property, and with a few thousand miles to seems we are about to come in for a rough landing--and I can almost see us all (Mama Jules... Read more →

The room Mom usually stays in when she visits us from her home in Puerto Vallarta. This time we gave her Max's room, as he is away in Montpellier and will soon move to Mexico. But will Grandma Jules be there when he arrives? Read on. TODAY'S WORD: l'un pour l'autre : for each other, one for... Read more →