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Our bright yellow 1960s kitchen. The counter-top reaches the top of my leg. It will take some getting-used-to, as will this new life in La Ciotat. So far so good! la remoulade : a kind of sauce Click here to listen to Jean-Marc pronounce these French words: La sauce rémoulade s’accommode avec les crustacés, poissons, œufs mollets... Read more →

Goodbye Mas des Brun. Thank you for 5 wonderful years! FARNIENTE--from the Italian fare (to do) and niente (nothing). Farniente is a new word for me, and an old one when it comes to naming a home (Jean-Marc tells me many French people name their homes farniente). Help us find a name for our new place, submit... Read more →

These are now the good old days. Yesterday we drove 2 hours north, to the notary's office, to meet 9 people involved in our complicated, 4-hour transfer of property. Ça y est! We've sold our home and vineyard! We move on August 21st... (Photo by the previous previous owners of this stone mas, the Fraser and Moss... Read more →

If there were sharks near our Mediterranean beach, I'd want to swim with my sister-in-law. She's a superhero--Batwoman and Wonder Woman combined! Read on.... SDF (Sans Domicile Fixe) : "without permanent home", homeless Sans Domicile Fixe--Click here to listen to Jean-Marc read the following French: Les personnes sans-abri, sans domicile fixe, sans logis ou itinérants, anciennement qualifiées... Read more →

"Let every belonging see the light" -- an epiphany I had while packing up my Mom's paintings. (photo of my Mom taken in Roussillon, around 2010) "faire des cartons" : to pack boxes Click here for today's soundfile: On fait des cartons mais, surtout, on se débarrasse de tout ce qui ne sert plus. We are packing... Read more →