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Se donner de la peine pour faire quelque chose

Atterrissage: Made it to The Mile-High City! Winetastng today


Thanks to The Vineyard Wine Shop for this photo montage. Today's tasting is from 3-6p.m. 261 Fillmore Street, Denver, CO 80206. Tel : 303 355 8324 We look forward to seeing you there!


Today's word: un atterrissage

   : touchdown, landing



La Ciotat to Denver

On est atterri ! We made it to my sister's in Denver and, after a home-cooked meal (thanks Heidi) of grilled chicken, taboulé, and du mesclun, extra câlins from my niece and nephew, and a good night's rest (rocked to sleep by Colorado cricket song!), we are revigorés and ready for today's wine dégustation over at The Vineyard Wine Shop. It's Denver's oldest wine store and today they'll be featuring Domaine du Banneret (Jean-Marc's uncle's wine) as well as another vineyard close to my husband's heart: La Mascaronne.

Chief Grape tells me there will be du monde, so if things get crowded please do not leave without at least saying un petit coucou. We would not want to miss any one of you! 🌞 

I will post a photo on my Instagram, veuillez nous suivre la-bas ? 

Mille mercis et peut-être à tout-de-suite, 




on est atterri = we've landed

le mesclun = mixed lettuces

le câlin = hug, cuddle

revigoré(e) = refreshed, revived, revitalized 

la dégustation = winetasting

du monde = a lot of people

un petit coucou = a little hello

Veuillez nous suivre la-bas ? = would you please follow us there? 

Mille mercis et peut-être à tout-de-suite = a thousand thanks and maybe we'll see you soon

.facebook_1536861198959"Wild flowers at Beaver Creek" by Heidi Stiteler. Borrowed this picture (and a few other pretty things) from my sister. So good to be here with her! 

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