France is on the road again, with a new Président de la République française, though some wonder where we are headed. Photo taken at le Girocèdre restaurant, in Puyméras. mésaventure (mayz-avohn-tewhr) : mishap, mischance, misadventure A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse Almost as soon as our new "France United" president was elected, things fell... Read more →


My 10-year-old style-conscious daughter. More in today's story... photo taken two years ago, when this edition was first published. Yabla French Video Immersion. The fun way to learn French le secours (suh-koor) noun, masculine help, aid, assistance, relief * * * Viendra au secours de la peine d'autrui celui qui souffre lui-même. (He) will come to the... Read more →