Happy, lucky, and healthy and we haven't even eaten an almond yet! Just goes to show the power of this fuzzy, favorite French fruit. Read on... Mas la Monaque - Rent this beautifully restored 17-century farmhouse. Click here for more pictures. une amande (ah-mahnd) : almond sugared almond = la dragée almond paste = la frangipane almond... Read more →

Almond trees, "lemons", or jalopies... near the town of Orange, France. fugueuse (foo geuhz) noun, feminine : a runaway => the masculine is fugueur (foo guer) =>Also: la fugue: running away ; faire une fugue or fuguer = to run away ; le fugitif (la fugitive) Sound File: Listen to American-accented French... in today's audio file (the... Read more →