Shelter on a rainy day. Read on, in today's story. vadrouiller (vah-drouih-ay) to roam, wander, trail along Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc Download Wav or MP3 Vadrouiller. J'ai vadrouillé toute la journée à Paris, en attendant mon train. To roam. I roamed all day in Paris, waiting for my train. I Heart Paris Shopper: made of recycled... Read more →

A cadran solaire in Serre Chevalier. Thank you, "Newforest", for leaving a comment about this sundial: "The inscription in Latin stresses our human condition: VULNERANT OMNES ULTIMA NECAT, = Toutes (les heures) blessent, la dernière tue. = All hours wound, the last one kills." cadran (kah-drahn) noun, masculine : (clock) face, dial Audio File: Listen to the... Read more →