A fish shop in Brignoles. la soupe de poissons (sewp-deuh-pwa-sohn) : fish soup Jean-Marc has been catching lots of little fish these days. Last time it was une rascasse! Apart from being unappetizing to look at, they are too small to eat. "Faites la soupe de poissons!" Make fish soup! our friends tell us. Recipe, in today's... Read more →

Little lost lièvre... The Tortoise and the Hare - Bilingual edition! Order here. .. le lièvre (lee evr) noun, masculine : hare synonym: le bouquin = buck rabbit Terms & Expressions: un bec-de-lièvre = hare lip C'est là que gît le lièvre = that's the crucial point lever/soulever un lièvre = to hit on a problem chasser... Read more →