A couple of Max's cahiers from 4ème (8th grade). More than in the classroom, cahiers are used in many French establishments... le cahier (keye yay) : notebook, exercise book (from the Latin "quaterni" or "set of four": the first cahiers had four pages... from the pliage, or folding, of one page) le cahier d'exercices = workbook le... Read more →

This week we reunite with three characters from the archives, French personnages who have touched me in one way or another. I hope they will touch you, too. Note: a sound file for today's word, and more, can be found at the end of this letter. * * * Pantoufle (pahn-too-fle) noun, feminine : slipper The man... Read more →


Though we still don't know if our loan has been approved, or if our home will be mortgaged, Jean-Marc has gone ahead with the plans for his wine cellar. hypothèque (ee-poh-tek) noun, feminine mortgage Une dette flottante est un navire hypothèque. A floating debt is a mortgaged vessel. --Jean-Charles (French humorist) . At the Crédit Agricole bank... Read more →