Out of the rubble a wine is born! Jean-Marc gave more than heart and soul when he made his first wine: he gave his blood, his tears, and an alarming number of kilos. I talk about this, and more, in an interview about the organic winemaker on a French TV. il paraît (eel-pah-ray) : it seems, it... Read more →

One of the dumbest things about moving to France is leaving your sister behind. Today, mine celebrates a birthday and I won't be there to take her picture as she blows out her candles. But with any luck she'll have received the funny post card I sent which brings me to the theme of today's missive: mailboxes!... Read more →

Our son, Maxime, examines some weight-lifting equipment on his birthday. Notice the patch, just above his ear (read on, in today's story...). Never miss a word of photo: get French Word-A-Day delivered by email, here. les cheveux blancs (lay sheh veuh blahn) : white hair Also: le cheveu gris = gray hair les cheveux poivre et sel... Read more →