Ça y est... It's book launch day! First French Essais is now available here, on Amazon. A Very Special Day in a French Life... The morning sun is warming the countryside and still I'm trembling like a leaf--trying to write this crucial book launch page without a PR team, without a marketing director, without Mom. Like the... Read more →

At L'éléphant du Nil (Marais, Metro St. Paul) I want to write wildly, tattooing words beneath the skin of sensibility until they tickle and touch. Reading / Book-signing I have told you about my amazing writing teacher, Sheila Kohler... and now some good news for those of you in Kansas... Sheila will be in Wichita, for a... Read more →

Flowers from Paris... Paris apartment for rent. St Sulpice. 215 euros per night (min. 3 night rental) Click here for more photos un entretien (ontr-tee-en) 1) an interview 2) management/service (a car check-up, etc...) (Today's word is not in theme with the story.... more later...) A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse "Born-Again Writer" I... Read more →