A little bar/restaurant in the bay of Locmaria, on the island of Groix. Conjoint (kon-zhwan) noun, masculine spouse Just off the coast of Brittany, on a small island habitée by Groisillons and teeming with French tourists on wobbly bicyclettes, there is a quaint port called Locmaria, where The Drunk Boat overlooks the bay at high tide (and... Read more →


Our son, Max, collecting mussels on the Island of Groix (Brittany). "The Oysters of Locmariaquer," by Eleanor Clark, is a vivid account of the cultivation of Belon oysters and an excursion into the myths, legends, and rich, vibrant history of Brittany and its extraordinary people. Order it here. la moule (mool) noun, feminine 1. mussel 2. a... Read more →