Wish I'd gotten a picture of the hero in today's story. Meantime, here's a lovable stand-in. Photo taken somewhere in the Vaucluse... le locataire (lo h-ka-tair) : tenant Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav file Le locataire ouvre grand ses bras. "Entrez, je vous en prie!" il dit. The tenant opens his arms. "Come... Read more →

""The rare Frenchman who uses the crosswalk" Computer is back and so are some long-lost photos from years ago! Youpie! Yay! une béquille (beh-kee) : crutch, stand; kickstand (bike) Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc pronounce the following expressions: Download MP3 or Wav file Elle marche avec des béquilles. She walks with crutches. mettre une moto, un vélo... Read more →

Still pinching images from Google image search (I promise I took these!) after my computer crashed one week ago (typing this post on my son's PC).... This photo was snapped in St. Tropez. Its artist theme fits with today's story of the "tree artists" (or pirates, rather...). Read on, in today's column. chaparder (sha-par-day) to pinch, to... Read more →

Cabane de berger (the shepherd's wooden hut) photo by the Neurdein brothers. Here we have a slumbering sheepherder with his border collie and german shepherd (is it?) minding the troup. (When Mom sees this photo, she'll ditch her latest treehouse scheme... in favor of this fort-on-wheels with a nifty sliding door! Mom has had a hard time... Read more →

What is remarkable, or kind of funny, about this sign above the window? Your guesses in the comments box. Photo taken in Toulon, where today's story takes place. ouvrier (ew-vree-ay) : worker Example Sentence: Je ne suis qu'un simple ouvrier. I am but an ordinary working man. Mas la Monaque - Rent this beautifully restored 17-century farmhouse!... Read more →

Fed up to your forehead with hospital stories? Je sympathise! Just skip, or saute, today's skin-cancer chronicle... and scroll guiltily or sneakily or self-consciously to the end of the page, to read, instead, about Chief Grape... on second thought, who wouldn't want to read about a hunky French winemaker? (But I do have faith in you and... Read more →

Butterscotch leaves are collecting along the tree-lined lanes in our village. And in this photo, taken in Suze-la-Rousse a few years back, leaves are turning rouge. la cheville (sheuh vee) : ankle jusqu'à la cheville = ankle-deep elle ne vous arrive pas à la cheville = she can't hold a candle to you avoir les chevilles qui... Read more →

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Casanière, or a "homebody"... like me? How do you feel when you finally venture out? Read on, in today's missive. As for today's word, look carefully: it's not a mouchoir, or a handkerchief! Not even a Kleenex, sniff! (Photo taken in Saint-Roman-de-Malegarde, a village or two away from where today's... Read more →

Read about "the last peasant" -- in today's story column, then forward to a friend. le paysan (pay ee zahn) : farmer, peasant la paysanne = woman peasant . Audio File & Example Sentence: Download MP3 or Wav File Un paysan est une personne tirant des ressources de la nature proche de son habitat. Il peut adopter... Read more →