Green Juice and Tomettes (tomettes, and not tomates!) It's a rainy day in Bandol, a perfect morning for some pancrêpes. Instead, Jean-Marc and I are drinking green juice (this time with fennel--and it's dill-like leaves--bergamot lemon, ginger, pomme, and celery). We'll definitely have pancakes this weekend! Read on... Meantime, put your pancake tips here in the comments... Read more →

"Raw Paws" - or the Society for Mutts that Don't Do Meat or Cooked Veggies. The group is only a fictional one--for Mr Smokey R. Dokey (pictured) won't be giving up his viande vittles any time soon. But, being the gentle cohabitant that he is, he respects certain members of his family that are experimenting with a... Read more →

le goût

le goût (goo) noun, masculine 1. taste 2. savor, flavor 3. liking, fondness (from the Latin, gustus, taste) ...................... Expressions sans goût = tasteless de bon goût = in good taste avoir du goût = to have good taste avoir le goût fin = to have a fine palate à chacun son goût = to each his... Read more →


Don't miss today's column "Food-Related French Expressions" for an insight into some charming and useful French sayings. Read it in French and/or English. bouffer (boo-fay) verb 1. to eat 2. to consume 3. to absorb 4. to puff out Example Une bagnole qui bouffe beaucoup d'essence = a car that guzzles gas Also: la bouffe = food... Read more →

un poireau

One of today's expressions has to do with "to be kept waiting." I didn't want to keep a friend in India waiting to send wishes of a "Bonne fête de Ganesh". Ganesh is the "le dieu" (the God) with "la tête d'éléphant" (the elephant's head) and is the deity of knowledge and wisdom (of "le Savoir" and... Read more →