Gone fishing! I'll see you in a week, when the next post goes out. Meantime, keep up your French vocabulary by visiting the French word archives. Thanks for reading and for sharing our language journal with friends and family. See you soon--with more photos and stories from a French life! Bisous, Kristin la frénésie de ménage (fray-nay-zee... Read more →

In contrast to the chaos in today's story, we'll begin with a peaceful glimpse of Morocco. Read on, now, for another 'picture'! (Photo taken two years ago, on a family trip.) le trajet (trah jay) : trip, journey In books: French Demystified...simple enough for a beginner but challenging enough for a more advanced student. Order your copy... Read more →

un filleul

(photo of my husband, Jean-Marc, and his filleul, Matthieu) Eazyspeak French teaches 800 vocabulary words; quickly extends conversational skills un filleul (fee-yul) noun, masculine 1. godson, godchild Also: filleule = goddaughter filleul de guerre = adoptive son (in wartime) Mon filleul va bientôt partir, ainsi la guerre va devenir plus personnelle pour moi. My godson is going... Read more →

le muguet (mew-geh) n.m. : lily of the valley Question: So what are the French doing today, the first of May, besides la grasse matinée? Answer: Waving snow-white porte-bonheurs through the air and wishing each other good luck! Along little cobblestone paths in the French hinterland, and at noisy intersections across the city, French vendeurs de muguet... Read more →


le coin (kwun --silent n) noun, masculine 1. corner 2. part 3. area Also: le coin bureau = the work area le coin repas = the dining area Expressions: les gens du coin = the locals coins et recoins = nooks and crannies va au coin! = go and stand in the corner! mettre un enfant au... Read more →

un rayon

un rayon (ray-oh) noun, masculine 1. a ray, beam 2. radius 3. spoke 4. shelf; department, counter Also: un rayon d'espoir = a ray of hope un rayon de lune = a moonbeam un rayon de soleil = a ray of sunshine aux premiers rayons de soleil = at sunrise un rayon d'action = a field of... Read more →