The golden light to the left is the sunset hitting the coastal fence. The golden light to the right is Smokey, enjoying our late afternoon walk. Has a friend forwarded you this post? Receive your own free subscription to French Word-A-Day. Click here. une visite de contrôle : an inspection, check-up, follow-up visit Audio File: listen to... Read more →

Brise-bise is not the word of the day... but it is the name for these kinds of "half curtains", the ones you see every so often while strolling through a village in France. brosse à dents (bros a don) noun, feminine : toothbrush brosse à dents jetables = disposable toothbrush brosse à dents électrique = electric toothbrush... Read more →

Current events have us wearing our hearts on our former façades... and it's a good thing, n'est-ce pas? haut les coeurs (oh lay ker) : lift up your spirit, take heart, be brave! have courage! Thank you, Carolyn Foote Edelmann, for today's French expression: Carolyn writes, in response to Monday's seisme post: Small thought - watching their... Read more →

Chez le dentiste in Morocco. Rent Robin's Paris apartment! Click here for details. composite dentaire (kom poh zeet dahn tair) : a type of dental filling made up of composite materials Audio File hear these French words via Wav or MP3 Un composite dentaire. J'ai perdu un composite dentaire. A filling. I lost a filling. Correct Your... Read more →

What is love? Photo taken yesterday, outside our kitchen window. Free delivery of French Word-A-Day, direct to your in-box! If you haven't yet subscribed, take a moment and sign-up now (click here). And thank you for over a hundred Best Tips For Learning French. Don't miss them, here. *** un coup de dent (koo-deuh-dahn) : a nip... Read more →


le sablier (sah-blee-yay) n.m. hour-glass, sand-glass; egg timer L'amour tue l'intelligence. Le cerveau fait sablier avec le coeur. L'un ne se remplit que pour vider l'autre. Love kills intelligence. The mind forms an hour-glass with the heart. One fills itself only to empty the other. --Jules Renard .............................. A Day in a French Life... "Un, deux, trois,... Read more →