On the way to meet Malou and Doreen ("The Dirt Divas"), Jules and I ventured through the town of Valréas. That's Mom... Her smile has returned. bestiole (bes tee ohl) : little creature; insect, bug Example sentence: Elles ne savaient pas quel genre de bestiole c'était. They did not know what type of insect it was. ***... Read more →

A veritable "Lawn Chair". You know you have work to do in the garden... when the grass grows high enough to tickle your lazy butt into gear! Read on. semer (seuh may) verb 1. to sow Audio File: hear Jean-Marc pronounce the French word "semer", along with its conjugation and the example sentence, just below. Download MP3... Read more →

A couple of Max's cahiers from 4ème (8th grade). More than in the classroom, cahiers are used in many French establishments... le cahier (keye yay) : notebook, exercise book (from the Latin "quaterni" or "set of four": the first cahiers had four pages... from the pliage, or folding, of one page) le cahier d'exercices = workbook le... Read more →

It's Vagabonde Vendredi -- time to stray from our comfortable way. I have been saving this favorite flower from my garden for you. Enjoy! THE GIFT OF GAUL Click here to sign up a friend or family member to French Word-A-Day. It's free & inspiring. aviver (ah-vee-vay) verb : to stir up French verb conjugation: j'avive, tu... Read more →