The painted sign reads: "To live well, love well, and let the others say what they will!" Pour bien vivre, bien aimer, et laisser dire. (Picture taken during our family vacation in Aosta, Italy. I repost this photo often because the message is so good and a needed reminder!) se sublimer (seuh-soo-blee-may) : to transcend oneself, to... Read more →

Le littoral, or the coastline, near Agay. If you enjoy these scenes from France, perhaps a friend would too? Forward this post. New friends, sign up to French Word-A-Day by clicking here. Begin growing your vocabulary, illico presto! Today read about the fascinating process of turning grapes into wine! Jean-Marc takes us through the step-by-step process, from... Read more →

Maybe Anne got sidetracked at the neighbor's? Who could blame the animal lover for lingering before this scene? Read today's dual-language missive written by Chief Grape! en retard (ahn reuh tahr) : late Audio File: Lisen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav file Anne était-elle en retard ou en avance? Was Anne late or early? "En retard"... Read more →

Break free, break through, break-the-rules... in fashion, in writing, in gardening, in cuisine, in living. Pictured: the latest "escapee" in our garden: allium (representing unity, patience, and humility). quand le jour viendra : when the day comes . Example Sentence, from today's letter written by Newforest: Vous lirez tout ça demain ..., bientôt ...., un jour ...,... Read more →

Though you can't see it, this basket has a hole in the bottom... which reminds me of a wonderful French idiom: "un panier percé" ("a pierced basket" or a spendthrift!). The expression is très imagée (one can easily visualize money falling right through the hole of the basket, as the reckless spender practices that iffy prescription known... Read more →

Smiles and good wishes for all today. Isn't that what's needed? The following French poem was spotted in the neighboring village of Rasteau. Some "happy nester" had taped it to their front porch window.... Thank you, Newforest, for translating the text. (When you have read the poem, you might come back and visit the Mamie in the... Read more →

le beurre de cacahuètes (bur deuh kaka wet) : peanut butter Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's word, and phrase: Download MP3 . A Day in a FRENCH DOG'S Life... by Smokey "R" Dokey & Mama Braise (Note: The English-French side-by-side translation to the following story is available! Click here to see it.) Smokey: Parce qu'elle... Read more →

Smokey The Bandit & The Frigo Caper, in today's *bi-lingual* story column! For a free subscription to French Word-A-Day, click here. le frigo (freego) : fridge, icebox synonyme: frigidaire, réfrigérateur, (refrigerator) & la glacière (ice box) Ado, véto, resto... the French seem to love abbreviation. This is not to say that others of us are not guilty... Read more →

The laurier-rose is in season... and blue shutters never go out of style. frimousse (free moos) noun, feminine : sweet little face A Day in a (DOG'S) Life... by Smokey "R" Dokey Occasionally, Smokey says, I get fan mail. It's kind of embarrassing—enough to make my frimousse turn as red as my tongue (having snatched a bottle... Read more →

For muddy faces... Braise recommends this triple-milled soap from Provence! Thanks for ordering some savon here. ébouriffé(e) (ay-boor-ee-fay) adjective : tousled, disheveled, rumpled Looking for a room with a view of Monte Carlo and a short walk down to the beaches, the Casino de Monte Carlo, the Grimaldi Forum & the Port of Monaco? See the newest... Read more →