"Where's my chocolate bone?" Smokey, a day or two after Easter. I post pictures daily at Instagram. Follow me, here, to see what's next... le lapin : rabbit, bunny Improve your French pronunciation with Exercises in French phonetics. Click here. AUDIO FILE: Listen to Jean-Marc read this list of lapin terms and the example sentence which follows:... Read more →

Joyeuses Pâques! (Smokey se trompe de déguisement... et de fête aussi...) (Smokey mixes up the costumes... and the holiday, too...) Braise (left): Mon fils... My son.... Smokey (right): C'est moi-même. That's me. Braise: Quand je t'ai demandé d'aller chercher les déguisements... When I asked you to go and get the costumes.... ...Je voulais dire LES OREILLES DE... Read more →

My husband tells me that today's word is a little too argot... and not something he uses very often. But Jean-Marc is from Marseilles... and I'm betting people in Paris would pucker up in pleasure at pronouncing today's term, which is a synonym for "tribe" or "clan" or "posse" or even "bercail". It is especially in theme... Read more →

White mustard flowers near the town of Travaillan Below, you will discover a popular French adage (and nifty weather predictor!). It says that if you have sunshine and mild times at Christmas, watch out! You're in for cold weather at Easter! I can vouch for that. This morning the grape fields were blanketed by snow! And only... Read more →