Last week we cast on in the learning to knit post... this week we cast off to sea in today's larguer edition. Photo taken a few weeks ago, in Colmar, Alsace. (Today's story takes place 8 hours south, on the Mediterranean coast, in the town of Fos-sur-Mer.) larguer les amarres (lar gay layz amar) : to cast... Read more →

In the village of Sarrians: a slice of scenic life. Don't miss out on the whole pie at Cinéma Vérité. empreinte (ahm-prehnt) noun, feminine : print, trace, mark empreinte génétique = genetic imprint empreintes digitales = fingerprint empreinte de rouge à lèvres = lipstick mark Audio File: Listen to my daughter, Jackie, pronounce the day's word, terms,... Read more →


Note: text from this point on will not appear in the book: Listen: Hear the word voisin Citation du Jour: Chacun voudrait que son voisin ait un peu de conscience, mais personne n'en veut pour soi-même. Everyone would like that his neighbor had a bit of conscience, but nobody wants it for himself. --Maxime Gorki Families of the Vine : Seasons Among the Winemakers of Southwest France "Sanders’s book brings contemporary winemaking in France to life....Absorbing and informative." --Library Journa Read more →


brader (brah-day) verb 1 to sell off; to sell for next to nothing 2. (se débarrasser) to get rid of Also: une braderie = a sidewalk, clearance sale Expression: brader les prix = to cut prices ....................... Proverb Acheter ce dont on n'a pas besoin, c'est le moyen d'aller de tout à rien. Buying what we don't... Read more →

le miel

le miel (myel) noun, masculine 1. honey adjective: mielleux (feminine: mielleuse) = unctuous, honeyed, sugary. ..................... Expressions: une lune de miel = a honeymoon des paroles de miel = honeyed words, sweet nothings doux comme le miel = sweet like honey faire son miel de quelque chose = to profit from something (an idea, information) lit: "to... Read more →


dépayser (day-pay-ee-zay) verb 1. to disorientate, to disorient 2. to give a change of scenery to; to give a welcome change of surroundings to Also: dépaysant,e = exotic dépaysé = out of one's element un dépaysement = a disorientation Expressions: sentir dépaysé = to feel like a fish out of water; to not feel at home Citation... Read more →

une contrefaçon

une contrefaçon (kontr-fah-sahn) noun, feminine 1. imitation, counterfeit, counterfeiting 2. forging, forgery, fabrication, infringement 3. pirating Contrefaçon comes from the verb "contrefaire" which means to imitate, to falsify, to mimic, to disguise, to infringe, to feign or to distort Expressions: contrefaçon littéraire = an infringement of copyright contrefaire une signature = to forge a signature contrefaire sa... Read more →